Doughnuts, Cheesecake, & A Peanut Butter “Milkshake"

gluten free dairy free doughnut recipe


Today we talk briefly about American doughnut history. Then we dive into some recipes: how to make a classic doughnut, lime-infused cheesecake, and a vegan “milkshake” or nog.

Your Classic, Caky Doughnut

Lime-Infused Cheesecake + A No-Bake Cheesecake 9:45

Peanutbutter “Milkshake” 15:28

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Coconut-Lime Cheesecake

Coconut-Lime Cheesecake

Peanut Butter Milkshake

Peanut Butter Milkshake

Socca Flatbread, Alegria & A Spectacular Muffin

gluten free dairy free socca recipe


In this episode we talk about an unusual but well-loved flatbread that is common in parts of France and Italy. Then I will share an awesome quickbread/muffin recipe that has almost no sugar and we will finish off with a paleo and vegan Mexican candy.

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-Socca Flatbread or Chickpea Crepes (vegan) - coming soon

-Chocolate Coconut Walnut Bread

-Two Hikers on Horseback - Chocolate Amaranth Bars (vegan & paleo)



  1. Socca Flatbread or Chickpea Crepes (vegan) - coming soon

  2. Chocolate Coconut Walnut Bread

  3. Two Hikers on Horseback - Chocolate Amaranth Alegría Bars (vegan & paleo)

I also mentioned a powder called Maca powder that I’d like to experiment with more. Many people claim that it has numerous health benefits.

Coconut Chocolate Walnut Bread (below).

gluten free dairy free chocolate coconut amaranth bread recipe

Alegría - A Mexican Popped Amaranth Candy (picture below)

Alegria bars are a mexican dessert made with popped amaranth (paleo)

Alegria bars are a mexican dessert made with popped amaranth (paleo)

Amaranth “Polenta” Cakes, an Easy-To-Prepare Boozy Dessert, and More

Gluten Free dairy free amaranth polenta cakes recipe paleo vegan


Join us this week for adventures with crepes, protein-rich “polenta” cakes (vegan and paleo), and a dessert that (when made correctly) is absolutely amazing.


-Crepes - some new takes on an old recipe

-Amaranth “Polenta” Cakes 6:32

-Bread Pudding with Caramel Cognac Sauce 11:40



  1. The Best Crepe Recipe (made with Cashew flour) or Teff Crepes

  2. Amaranth “Polenta" Cakes

  3. Bread Pudding with Caramel Cognac Sauce

A Popped Amaranth Alegría Bar recipe is coming soon!


Health benefits according to Dr. Axe.

Here are some photos of amaranth flowers (below). The genius, Amaranthus, includes at least 70 species of amaranth and immense diversity. Only certain varieties are used for their “grains" (seeds, actually) and leafy greens. In fact, many varieties are considered weeds. However, many species offer colorful foliage and beautiful unique flowers, so if you live in a climate where the plant is not invasive it might be a great, robust one to add to the garden.

Alegría - A Mexican Popped Amaranth Candy. It’s actually a bar and here is a recipe if you are interested. I look forward to trying this recipe as well!

Alegria bars are a mexican dessert made with popped amaranth (paleo)

Alegria bars are a mexican dessert made with popped amaranth (paleo)

Buttery Crackers, Super-Seeded Crackers, and More

Molasses Cookies


This episode is all about crackers. Learn how to make simple, healthy snacks at home. We’ll cover everything from rich buttery crackers, to crackers packed with seeds, to crackers made with cooked whole grains! All of the recipes are dairy free and there are two vegan and paleo recipes.


Below are the recipes from the episode:

  • Buttery Crackers (Rich & Delicately Crispy - admittedly my favorite)

  • Norwegian Crisp Bread. Yes, it’s also traditional in Sweden and there are variations around Europe, including German Knackebrot. They are super hearty and packed with nutrients. You can adapt it to be paleo or try this paleo alternative, Super Seedy Crackers (I couldn’t help myself with the title..)

  • Quinoa & Corn Crackers (An Oh-so-satisfying crunch!)

Buttery crackers recipe