Panforte Nero, Alfajores, and More - Alice Medrich's Cookbook

Panforte Nero

Panforte Nero


Let’s visit Italy, South America, and France! I’ll discuss four recipes from Alice Medrich’s wonderful cookbook, Flavor Flours. I'll also talk about different types of cocoa powder, flours, and some other delicious whole grain recipes.


  1. Panforte Nero 

  2. Alfajores 6:34

  3. Chocolate Sables 10:35 

        Types of Cocoa Powder 11:05

4. Rich Chocolate Cake  - 16:38

        Teff flour 18:22


If you are a meat eater, here is a suggested breakdown from Bon Appetite of which meat to eat so that you can minimize the environmental impact.

Recipes from
Flavor Flours that I discussed:

-Panforte Nero - Buckwheat (p.184)
-Alfajores - Walnut (My less sweet version with dark chocolate)
-Chocolate Sables -Teff (Here is an adapted olive oil version)
-Queen of the Nile - Teff (I substituted Earth Balance buttery spread and it worked wonderfully)

Some of my whole grain recipes:

  • Lavender Oat Cookies - Vegan (lavender flavor is optional)

  • Vegan Chocolate Sables (coming soon)

  • Crunchy Cranberry Glazed Cookies (inspired by Trader Joe’s “Dunkers”, coming soon) For now, you can use the Oat Cookie recipe above, add some cinnamon, cranberries and a simple drizzle glaze!

Cocoa Powder

3 Types of cocoa powders: regular, dutch-processed (destroys majority of antioxidants), and black cocoa (“ultra" dutch processed).

-Black cocoa is generally used to impart a very dark color - almost black

-I prefer to use natural cocoa powder because it has more nutrients and retains more of the delicate floral notes of the cocoa beans

More about cocoa:

Lavender Oat Cookies

Lavender Oat Cookies